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18K gold trendy and fashionable double chain splicing and small gold ball design anklet

18K gold trendy and fashionable double chain splicing and small gold ball design anklet

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This 18K gold anklet has a stylish double chain design with small gold ball elements. The following are its main features:


Double chain design: The double chain design adds a unique touch to the anklet and enhances its visual appeal. This design style is often considered fashionable and modern.

Little gold ball element: The anklet is designed with a small gold ball. This element gives the anklet an elegant and trendy vibe.

Fashionable and modern: The design of this anklet highlights the characteristics of fashion and modernity, suitable for matching with various modern trend clothing.

Suitable for many occasions: Due to its stylish and versatile design, this anklet is suitable to be worn on many occasions, whether it is daily life or special events.

This anklet will add style and elegance to your ankle and is a versatile piece of jewelry that can be worn daily or displayed on special occasions. Whether you wear it on an ordinary day or for a special occasion, it will add a touch of glamour.

All our jewelry are made of stainless steel material. For the gold pieces, we added an 18K PVD gold plating.

This means the colour will last for a really long time . It will not fade easily and it's also an anti-scratch material.

  • 18K Gold Plating .
  • Jewelry isplated gold and doesn’t  with your allergy to body.  
  • Pproducts are made of stainless steel, so waterproof!
  • All products are free of nickel, lead or cadmium.
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